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Stretch marks are the bane of your existence if you have any intention of flashing the flesh at some point in the near future. They are ugly scar-like marks that are generally red, purple or pink in color. The embarrassment caused by stretch marks is apparent and ensures people are willing to purchase products like dermology Stretch Mark Cream in their droves. Dermology promise to cure stretch marks naturally, safely and effectively as well as making your skin feel smoother and more elastic. But does it live up to expectations?


Although there is only one Dermology Stretch Mark Cream product, there are three different purchasing options:

  • Single Pack ($49.95 + $7.94 shipping)
  • 3 Month Kit: This is currently available for $99.95 with $24.94 for Standard Shipping though Dermology often has a special offer where shipping is free.
  • 6 Month Kit: Battle stretch marks over the long-term with this $149.95 package. Standard Shipping is $14.97.

What Does Dermology Stretch Mark Cream Do?

Dermology’s offering is actually inexpensive in comparison to some of its competitors. While this may cause a degree of cynicism, you can be assured that Dermology does indeed gradually remove stretch marks over a period of time. It is a topical lotion so all you need to do is rub it onto the skin and watch the scars fade away. The key to removing stretch marks appears to be nourishing the skin and this is precisely what Dermology achieves. In terms of ingredients, those suffering from stretch marks will be delighted to know that Dermology contains a host of all-natural ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin D3 and Aloe Vera. The vitamins actively nourish your skin while the Aloe Vera keeps it supple and fresh. In addition, Dermology Stretch Mark Cream contains grapefruit seed extracts and squalene oil, ingredients which are designed to help keep your skin elastic.


  • The ingredients are all-natural and seemingly devoid of chemicals.
  • It can be used by pregnant women.
  • It is easy to apply the solution which gets to work as soon as it is rubbed on your skin.
  • The low cost of Dermology makes it available to almost everyone.


  • Results will take some time to become apparent.
  • It will not prevent future stretch marks.
  • You must order Dermology online.


While Dermology Stretch Mark Cream is not exactly the reinvention of the wheel, it can be seen as a valuable weapon in your war against stretch marks. It contains natural ingredients, keeps the skin supple and fresh while encouraging elasticity which will hopefully spell a significant improvement in appearance of your stretch marks. If you are buying this product, remember that it is not a magic wand. Be realistic and give Dermology Stretch Mark Cream a few months to work and you may be surprised and delighted with the results.