Ugly purple or red parallel marks on the skin signify the presence of stretch marks. While they are not harmful, they are less than aesthetically pleasing. Those who suffer from stretch marks feel embarrassed to bare their bodies in public for fear of humiliation. Sudden weight gain such as that experienced during pregnancy is one of the main causes of stretch marks. Common locations include the buttocks, hips, breasts and abdomen. Some sufferers look towards surgery as a means of removing stretch marks but before you consider this measure, simply using Vitamin E oil could have a profound effect.

Why Vitamin E?

The main reason why you should consider Vitamin E is because of its ability to regenerate skin cells. Studies have shown that Vitamin E really penetrates the skin deeply and rapidly speeds up the growth of new skin cells. In essence, stretch marks are replaced and begin to fade over the course of time. You can continue using Vitamin E oil on the stretch marks until they are no longer immediately visible. Although there is no sure-fire method of preventing stretch marks, Vitamin E oil certainly plays an important role in stopping the appearance of new scars. This is because the vitamin improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness, thus making it more capable of withstanding any severe stretching to the skin caused by sudden weight changes and hormonal issues.


Types of Oil

It is normal to use Vitamin E oil as a type of topical ointment though there are of course oral capsules that can be consumed. If taken orally, you are recommended to use 200-400IU of the vitamin daily. You can purchase the ointment or capsules from any pharmacy and in many supermarkets. In terms of Vitamin E rich foods, you should look no further than almonds, mangoes and kiwis.

Use of Vitamin E

Although it is a healthy vitamin, you may still need to see the doctor before deciding to use Vitamin E oil, especially if you are pregnant or have a history of health issues. If you are using oil, apply it to the areas affected by stretch marks twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening. A useful tip is to combine the oil with cocoa butter as it is an excellent hydrating ingredient that works extremely well in conjunction with Vitamin E. Alternatives to cocoa butter include sweet almond oil and rose hip oil.


It is poor practice to rely solely on Vitamin E oil or any other product for the reduction of stretch marks. The usual strategies of eating healthily and exercising regularly should be taken into consideration. Pregnant women should seek to gain weight slowly during their pregnancy to prevent excessive numbers of stretch marks from forming. If you do get stretch marks, consistent treatment with Vitamin E oil and other products that firm the skin should yield positive results.