It has been heralded as the ‘next big thing’ in the removal of stretch marks but is laser surgery really the Holy Grail of cures that it is purported to be? Hundreds of millions of people around the world suffer from stretch marks and many sufferers would gladly pay what it takes to permanently remove the ugly red or purple marks that are so unsightly. Although they mainly affect women, stretch marks can also be seen on certain men and it is difficult for those with these marks to enjoy themselves in the sun as they are so self-conscious about their seemingly visible scars.

Surgeons Swoop In

Medical clinics know the dissatisfaction felt by those with stretch marks and are eager to profit from it by offering a ‘solution’ in the form of laser surgery. Private clinics around the world provide laser treatment for stretch marks that supposedly removes all scarring.

It works by stimulating the skin and causing new tissue to grow. This seems remarkably similar to what is offered by the variety of stretch mark creams on the market. What’s more, the surgery is likely to involve a total of four sessions with a cost of up to $2,000 not uncommon depending on which private clinic you use. 


Disadvantages Of Laser Therapy For Stretch Marks Time: As we have already mentioned, it will take several sessions for any real effect to be noticeable. Do you have the time to regularly visit a clinic?

Ineffective On Old Marks: You need to strike while the iron is hot because this ‘miracle’ therapy only works on new stretch marks. Pulsed laser dye therapy can work on older scars but this is arguably more expensive than the regular laser treatment.

Cost: The cost is calculated on a per session basis so you have no real way of knowing how much it will cost since results vary. You may see results in 2 sessions or it could take 5 sessions.

Lack Of Research: There is no compelling evidence that suggests laser therapy is all that effective.

Side Effects

 Although clinics try to claim that there are no side effects, the reality is that bruising, scarring and swelling of the affected area is common. There is also the possibility that there will be changes in pigmentation around the affected area. The most obvious reason not to use laser surgery to remove stretch marks is the complete lack of effectiveness. Don’t listen to clinics that claim they can totally eradicate your stretch marks because this simply isn’t true. The best you can hope for is a 30% reduction in color and this is hardly worth paying thousands of dollars for. If you feel surgery is your only option, please think again and at least try out other non-invasive methods of removing your stretch marks first.