Stretch marks are found in the dermis which the middle layer of skin made up of 4% elastin and 80% collagen. Stretch marks occur after extreme weight gain (usually during pregnancy) because the elastin is stretched tight. After the weight is lost, the epidemis loses it support. This is significant because the epidemis lies just above the stretch mark and when its support is lost, the stretch mark appears. You can’t rely on laser surgery nor can you expect the stretch marks to disappear by themselves in a hurry. It’s time to be proactive and get rid of them yourself!

Start Targeting

This is easy if you only have a couple of stretch marks but if you have several, it’s important to target the most obvious ones first. As most people want to remove stretch marks so that they can parade around on the beach in a swimsuit, put on your beach costume and see which marks are visible. Now you have your target, shower and clean the skin area in preparation for the next step. If the stretch mark has hair on it, shave it off or else you will suffer from skin irritation.

Coloring The Stretch Mark

Drink plenty of water several days before hitting the beach and also eat fruit and vegetables to ensure your body does not suffer from a lack of electrolytes. steer clear of caffeine and sugary drinks as these cause potassium and salt to be lost from the body.

A lip-plumping agent is perfect for giving your skin a boost. Just be sure to apply a small amount to your skin at first to ensure you are not allergic to it. In the event that you do have a reaction and find your skin swelling rather than being plump, don’t panic. Simply wash it off and apply a sun tanning lotion or spray. Apply it to your entire body and wait for your body to change color. Although the stretch marks may still be lighter than the rest of your body, they won’t be as noticeable. A makeup cover stick is a life-saver if the stretch marks are still visible. Simply apply and cover up the offending marks.


If you have already had laser surgery to remove stretch marks, it isn’t a good idea to be exposed to the sun during the healing process. Therefore, you will need to use sunscreen daily if you intend on going to the beach. Although the majority of stretch marks are harmless, there is also the possibility that you could have allergies, insect bites or even a form of skin cancer that resembles a stretch mark. If you are unsure, go to a dermatologist immediately and have your entire skin surface thoroughly checked.