This is a relatively new process that is said to produce excellent results for patients. It is claimed that laser surgery quickly and easily removes stretch marks, leaving the patient with smooth, soft skin. In just a couple of years, this cosmetic surgery procedure has become available at thousands of private clinics around the world. But how much do you really know about laser stretch mark removal?

The Procedure

The layers of skin surrounding your stretch marks are removed by an excimer laser. This special laser doesn’t cut or burn the scars like other lasers. A high energy UV light is used to cause a disruption in the skin tissue’s molecular bonds.

As a result, the skin begins to fall apart (ablation). After the procedure, your skin should heal fast as new layers of skin grow over the stretch mark. In theory, this means you will indeed have healthy and glowing skin but is this the reality?

Results & Recovery

Despite the hype over laser stretch mark surgery, results are not particularly impressive. Many surgeons admit that a 30% reduction in the stretch mark is the average result and one would hope for better when the cost of the procedure is taken into account. Older stretch marks are hard to remove with lasers and even new scars can take several treatments.

Although the laser is safe and well-controlled during the procedure, there is still a certain amount of recovery time no matter what proponents of laser stretch mark removal will tell you. The affected area will become tender and possibly swollen with bruising not uncommon. Although recovery normally takes a few days, it can take weeks in extreme cases.


Yes, even this supposedly safe method of stretch mark removal carries an element of risk; this is always the case when a laser is involved. For example, skin ablation occurs during the procedure so if the laser was incorrectly used, severe tissue damage could be the result. Painful blistering can also occur and there is also the chance that your skin will simply not respond well to the laser treatment.

The procedure costs several hundred dollars per session and there is no way of knowing how successful it will be prior to the surgery. Overall, it seems as if laser stretch mark removal surgery is far from being perfected. Unless the stretch marks are incredibly noticeable and are causing you a great level of distress, you should consider alternative and more natural methods of stretch mark removal. There are a variety of oils and other treatments that can make your stretch marks less noticeable and hopefully restore your confidence.