Usability: 9.5 Effectiveness: 9.2 Value: 8.4Overall: 9.2
We are so used to stretch mark creams being filled with nothing but all-natural ingredients, it is something of a shock when another product comes along and changes all that. Trilastin-SR is an advanced formula laden with ingredients you would not normally associate with a stretch mark cream. The makers claim that it is an advanced formula for enhancing the elasticity of your skin while helping you to avoid scarring. It also claims to reduce the appearance of deep furrows and discoloration in as little as 3 weeks. This compares favorably to other stretch mark creams that take months to work. So, is Trilastin SR too good to be true?

What Does Trilastin SR Do?

As one might expect from an advanced formula, Trilastin-SR stretch mark cream is considerably more expensive than its counterparts. Expect to pay around $79.95 for a single tube which should last you around a month. What do you get in return? Trilastin-SR contains an array of peptides, proteins, antioxidants and natural ingredients. It will enable the skin to rejuvenate itself at the cellular level as collagen and elastin with be regenerated naturally as the cream prevents these important structural proteins from breaking down.

What Are Some Of The Ingredients?

As we have already mentioned, Trilastin-SR stretch mark cream does not contain the usual ingredients. Fused-in technologies take the place of more traditional ingredients.

  • Virtual Patch: This is a Trilastin-SR trademark and uses high weight molecules and collagen that create a virtual skin patch. Hydration in the skin is optimized while the product’s transfer agent penetrates the skin deeply. As a result, you can expect stretch mark removal to begin from within.
  • Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System (SDDS): Another Trilastin-SR trademark, SDDS creates a skin patch for protective purposes and assists in the release of other ingredients that penetrate the skin. This leads to a better absorption rate with the stretch mark cream still proving effective days after its application.

Trilastin-SR likes to use a so-called ‘phased’ approach which is designed to treat stretch marks in a straightforward manner. Treating the stretch marks is goal number one while the stretch mark complex is used to heal the skin. The result is smooth skin with no visible markings. Another great innovation used by the creators of Trilastin-SR is their collagen-infused microspheres. The cream absorbs into your inner skin and produces fast results.


  • Can be using during breast feeding.
  • Specially designed to reduce the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Easily absorbed into the skin and non-greasy.
  • Works faster than other stretch mark creams.


  • Extremely expensive and may be out of many people’s price range.
  • Can only be purchased online.
  • You need to consistently apply it 2-3 times daily.


Despite the rather high price tag, Trilastin-SR deserves all the accolades it is currently receiving. It can be used by pregnant women, has no side effects and works extremely quickly. Even at the price, it is still far less expensive than laser surgery and arguably more effective. Also, because it works so quickly, Trilastin-SR may actually work out to be cheaper than stretch marks creams that are half its price because it produces results in less than half the time.